HeliX unique, bias-cut rim design

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The HeliX rim is just like a shower curtain hung from a curtain rod, amber waves of grain, an 8 panel curtain cut at a 45.

My rim is called a 'build up'. It's like a barber pole, a wagon wheel, a stained glass window arc: thus Helix, an ancient Roman Arch. The music goes down away from the tone ring at a 45 degree angle. The Helix rim is a true 75% solid hardwood rim, the neck mounts through solid wood, we alone do that, and the virtual depth is 4.25". It's an 8-block octagon rim, and has a characteristic and unique optical illusion, an 8-sided cylinder 3" high. Like a lighthouse.

Helix rims are 8 solid blocks from top to bottom with only 8 joints reinforced by 8 glueblocks cut from the ends of each block. Simple, strong, gorgeous rims that 'luminesce.' There is chantoyance, melodiousness. They vibrate cleanly, the rim itself now sings.

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Clawhammer Sunbeam #002 "Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July"
Bluegrass Cherry Blossom #009 "Undone" as heard from Country Dirt
Clawhammer Midnight Zephyr + Nylon Strings BHO: "In the Hall of the Mountain King"
    YouTube: "In the Hall of the Mountain King"
Clawhammer A HeliX Cousin*: Douglas Fir "Devil's Dream"
Bluegrass A HeliX Cousin*: Texas Mesquite "Defogger Breakdown"
* A HeliX cousin has the same pot construction, methods, and grain orientations as mentioned above.

...Or why listen when you can WATCH!
HeliX Demo #1: "Wildwood Flower"    
HeliX Demo #2: A few tunes...    
HeliX Demo #3: "Clinch Mountain Backstep"    

I feel my rim design allows me to produce great sound from most any hardwood because the tone ring now sits on top of a stack of fibers.




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...but those up there are all openbacks!!
            Mr. HeliX, do you do bluegrass/resonator banjos??

          OF COURSE!!! Check these out....





Building a better banjo.


Bias-cut rim design, for maximum tone.


Solid banjos built to suit either openback or bluegrass style playing.



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Jackrabbits are now a 'Serious' banjo, with more substantial rims and higher quality woods!